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Riddles Wisely Expounded

No: 1; variant: 1D

  1. 'O WHAT is higher than the trees? Gar lay the bent to the bonny broom And what is deeper than the seas? And you may beguile a fair maid soon
  2. 'O what is whiter than the milk? Or what is softer than the silk?
  3. 'O what is sharper than the thorn? O what is louder than the horn?
  4. 'O what is longer than the way? And what is colder than the clay?
  5. 'O what is greener than the grass? And what is worse than woman was?'
  6. 'O heaven's higher than the trees, And hell is deeper than the seas.
  7. 'And snow is whiter than the milk, And love is softer than the silk.
  8. 'O hunger's sharper than the thorn, And thunder's louder than the horn.
  9. 'O wind is longer than the way, And death is colder than the clay.
  10. 'O poison's greener than the grass, And the Devil's worse than eer woman was.'