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The Fire of Frendruahgt

No: 196; variant: 196D

  1. THE reek it rose, and the flame it flew, And oh! the fire augmented high, Until it came to Lord John's chamber-window, And to the bed where Lord John lay.
  2. 'O help me, help me, Lady Frennet! I never ettled harm to thee; And if my father slew thy lord, Forget the deed and rescue me.'
  3. He looked east, he looked west, To see if any help was nigh; At length his little page he saw, Who to his lord aloud did cry:
  4. 'Loup doun, loup doun, my master dear! What though the window's dreigh and hie? I'll catch you in my arms twa, And never a foot from you I'll flee.'
  5. 'How can I loup, you little page? How can I leave this window hie? Do you not see the blazing low, And my twa legs burnt to my knee?'