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The Laird of Wariston

No: 194; variant: 194B

  1. IT was at dinner as they sat, And whan they drank the wine, How happy war the laird and lady Of bonnie Wariston!
  2. The lady spak but ae word, The matter to conclude; The laird strak her on the mouth, Till she spat out o blude.
  3. She did not know the way Her mind to satisfy, Till evil cam in to [her] head All by the Enemy.
  4. 'At evening when ye sit, And whan ye drink the wine, See that ye fill the glass weill up To the laird o Wariston.'
  5. So at table whan they sat, And whan they drank the wine, She made the glass aft gae round To the laird o Wariston.
  6. The nurice she knet the knot, And O she knet it sicker! The lady did gie it a twig, Till it began to wicker.
  7. But word's gane doun to Leith, And up to Embro toun, That the lady she has slain the laird, The laird o Waristoun.
  8. Word has gane to her father, the grit Dunipace, And an angry man was he; Cries, Gar mak a barrel o pikes, And row her down some lea!
  9. She said, Wae be to ye, Wariston, I wish ye may sink for sin! For I have been your wife These nine years, running ten; And I never loved ye sae well As now whan ye're lying slain.
  10. 'But tak aff this gowd brocade, And let my petticoat stay, And tie a handkerchief round my face, That the people may not see.'