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The Laird of Wariston

No: 194; variant: 194A

  1. DOWN by yon garden green Sae merrily as she gaes; She has twa weel-made feet, And she trips upon her taes.
  2. She has twa weel-made feet, Far better is her hand; She's as jimp in the middle As ony willow-wand.
  3. 'Gif ye will do my bidding, At my bidding for to be, It's I will make you lady Of a' the lands you see.'

  1. He spak a word in jest; Her answer wasna good; He threw a plate at her face, Made it a' gush out o blood.
  2. She wasna frae her chamber A step but barely three, When up and at her richt hand There stood Man's Enemy.
  3. 'Gif ye will do my bidding, At my bidding for to be, I'll learn you a wile Avenged for to be.'
  4. The Foul Thief knotted the tether, She lifted his head on hie, The nourice drew the knot That gard lord Waristoun die.
  5. Then word is gane to Leith, Also to Edinburgh town, That the lady had killd the laird, The laird o Waristoun.

  1. 'Tak aff, tak aff my hood, But lat my petticoat be; Put my mantle oer my head, For the fire I downa see.
  2. 'Now, a' ye gentle maids, Tak warning now by me, And never marry ane But wha pleases your ee.
  3. 'For he married me for love, But I married him for fee; And sae brak out the feud That gard my dearie die.'