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Sir Lionel

No: 18; variant: 18E

  1. THERE was an old man and sons he had three; Wind well, Lion, good hunter A friar he being one of the three, With pleasure he ranged the north country. For he was a jovial hunter
  2. As he went to the woods some pastime to see, He spied a fair lady under a tree, Sighing and moaning mournfully. He was, etc.
  3. 'What are you doing, my fair lady?' 'I'm fightened the wild boar he will kill me; He has worried my lord and wounded thirty.' As thou art, etc.
  4. Then the friar he put his horn to his mouth, And he blew a blast, east, west, north and south, And the wild boar from his den he came forth. Unto the, etc.* * * * *