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Sir Lionel

No: 18; variant: 18D

  1. AS I went up one brook, one brook, Well wind the horn, good hunter I saw a fair maiden sit on a tree top. As thou art the jovial hunter
  2. I said, 'Fair maiden, what brings you here?' 'It is the wild boar that has drove me here.' As thou art, etc.
  3. 'I wish I could that wild boar see;' Well wind the horn, good hunter,And the wild boar soon will come to thee.' As thou art, etc.
  4. Then he put his horn unto his mouth, And he blowd both east, west, north and south. As he was, etc.
  5. The wild boar hearing it into his den, [Then he made the best of his speed unto him].
  6. He whetted his tusks for to make them strong, And he cut down the oak and the ash as he came along. For to meet with, etc.
  7. They fought five hours one long summer's day, Till the wild boar he yelld, and he'd fain run away. And away from, etc.
  8. O then he cut his head clean off, . . . . .
  9. Then there came an old lady running out of the wood, Saying, 'You have killed my pretty, my pretty spotted pig.' As thou art, etc.
  10. Then at him this old lady she did go, And he clove her from the top of her head to her toe. As he was, etc.
  11. In Bromsgrove churchyard this old lady lies, And the face of the boar's head there is drawn by, That was killed by, etc.