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Sir Lionel

No: 18; variant: 18C

  1. SIR ROBERT BOLTON had three sons, Wind well thy horn, good hunter And one of them was called Sir Ryalas. For he was a jovial hunter
  2. He rang'd all round down by the woodside, Till up in the top of a tree a gay lady he spy'd. For he was, etc.
  3. 'O what dost thou mean, fair lady?' said he; 'O the wild boar has killed my lord and his men thirty.' As thou beest, etc.
  4. 'O what shall I do this wild boar to see?' 'O thee blow a blast, and he'll come unto thee.' As thou beest, etc.
  5. [Then he put his horn unto his mouth], Then he blowd a blast full north, east, west and south. As he was, etc.
  6. And the wild boar heard him full into his den; Then he made the best of his speed unto him. To Sir Ryalas, etc.
  7. Then the wild boar, being so stout and so strong, He thrashd down the trees as he came along. To Sir Ryalas, etc.
  8. 'O what dost thou want of me?' the wild boar said he; 'O I think in my heart I can do enough for thee.' For I am, etc.
  9. Then they fought four hours in a long summer's day, Till the wild boar fain would have gotten away. From Sir Ryalas, etc.
  10. Then Sir Ryalas drawd his broad sword with might, And he fairly cut his head off quite. For he was, etc.
  11. Then out of the wood the wild woman flew: 'Oh thou hast killed my pretty spotted pig! As thou beest, etc.
  12. 'There are three things I do demand of thee, It's thy horn, and thy hound, and thy gay lady.' As thou beest, etc.
  13. 'If these three things thou dost demand of me, It's just as my sword and thy neck can agree.' For I am, etc.
  14. Then into his locks the wild woman flew, Till she thought in her heart she had torn him through. As he was, etc.
  15. Then Sir Ryalas drawd his broad sword again, And he fairly split her head in twain. For he was, etc.
  16. In Bromsgrove church they both do lie; There the wild boar's head is picturd by Sir Ryalas, etc.