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The Laird of Logie

No: 182; variant: 182C

  1. THE young laird of Logie is to prison cast; Carmichael's the keeper of the key; Lady Margaret, the queen's cousin, is very sick, And it's all for love of Young Logie.
  2. She's into the queen's chamber gone, She has kneeld low down on her knee; Says she, You must go to the king yourself; It's all for a pardon to Young Logie.
  3. The queen is unto the king's chamber gone, She has kneeld low down on her knee: 'O what is the matter, my gracious queen? And what means all this courtesie?
  4. 'Have not I made thee queen of fair Scotland? The queen of England I trow thou be; Have I not made thee my wedded wife? Then what needs all this courtesie?'
  5. 'You have made me queen of [fair] Scotland, The queen of England I surely be; Since you have made me your wedded wife, Will you grant a pardon for Young Logie?'
  6. The king he turned him right round about, I think an angry man was he: 'The morrow, before it is twelve o'clock, O hangd shall the laird of Logie be.'
  7. The queen she's into her chamber gone, Amongst her maries, so frank and free; 'You may weep, you may weep, Margaret,' she says, 'For hanged must the laird of Logie be.'
  8. She has torn her silken scarf and hood, And so has she her yellow hair: 'Now fare you well, both king and queen, And adieu to Scotland for ever mair!'
  9. She has put off her goun of silk, And so has she her gay clothing: 'Go fetch me a knife, and I'll kill myself, Since the laird of Logie is not mine.'
  10. Then out bespoke our gracious queen, And she spoke words most tenderlie; 'Now hold your hand, Lady Margaret,' she said, 'And I'll try to set Young Logie free.'
  11. She's up into the king's chamber gone, And among his nobles so free; 'Hold away, hold away!' says our gracious king, 'No more of your pardons for Young Logie.
  12. 'Had you but askd me for houses and land, I would have given you castles three; Or anything else shall be at your command, But only a pardon for Young Logie.'
  13. 'Hold your hand now, my sovereign liege, And of your anger let it be; For the innocent blood of Lady Margret It will rest on the head of thee and me.'
  14. The king and queen are gone to their bed, But as he was sleeping so quietly, She has stole the keys from below his head, And has sent to set Young Logie free.
  15. Young Logie he's on horseback got, Of chains and fetters he's got free; As he passd by the king's window, There he has fired vollies three.
  16. The king he awakend out of his sleep, Out of his bed came hastilie; Says, I'll lay all my lands and rents That yonder's the laird of Logie free.'
  17. The king has sent to the prison strong, He has calld for his keepers three; Says, How does all your prisoners? And how does the young laird of Logie?
  18. 'Your Majesty sent me your wedding-ring, With your high command to set him free;' 'Then tomorrow, before that I eat or drink, I surely will hang you keepers three.'
  19. Then out bespoke our gracious queen, And she spoke words most tenderlie; 'If ever you begin to hang a man for this, Your Majesty must begin with me.'
  20. The one took shipping at [the pier of] Leith, The other at the Queen's Ferrie; Lady Margaret has gotten the man she loves, I mean the young laird of Logie.