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Hind Horn

No: 17; variant: 17F

  1. IN Newport town this knight was born, Hey lily loo, hey loo lan And they've called him Young Hynd Horn. Fal lal la, fal the dal the dady
  2. Seven long years he served the king, For the love of his daughter Jean.
  3. He courted her through a wimble bore, The way never woman was courted before.
  4. He gave her through a silver wand, With three singing laverocks there upon.
  5. She gave him back a gay gold ring, With three bright diamonds glittering.
  6. 'When this ring grows pale and blue, Fair Jeanie's love is lost to you.'
  7. Young Hynd Horn is gone to sea, And there seven long years staid he.
  8. When he lookd his ring upon, It grew pale and it grew wan.
  9. Young Hynd Horn is come to land, When he met an old beggar man.
  10. 'What news, what news doth thee betide?' 'No news, but Princess Jeanie's a bride.'
  11. 'Will ye give me your old brown cap? And I'll give you my gold-laced hat.
  12. 'Will ye give me your begging weed? And I'll give you my good grey steed.'
  13. The beggar has got on to ride, But Young Hynd Horn's bound for the bride.