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Hind Horn

No: 17; variant: 17C

  1. YOUNG Hyn Horn's to the king's court gone, Hoch hey and an ney O He's fallen in love with his little daughter Jean. Let my love alone, I pray you
  2. He's bocht to her a little gown, With seven broad flowers spread it along.
  3. She's given to him a gay gold ring. The posie upon it was richt plain.
  4. 'When you see it losing its comely hue, So will I my love to you.'
  5. Then within a little wee, Hyn Horn left land and went to sea.
  6. When he lookt his ring upon, He saw it growing pale and wan.
  7. Then within a little [wee] again, Hyn Horn left sea and came to the land.
  8. As he was riding along the way, There he met with a jovial beggar.
  9. 'What news, what news, old man?' he did say: 'This is the king's young dochter's wedding day.'
  10. 'If this be true you tell to me, You must niffer clothes with me.
  11. 'You'll gie me your cloutit coat, I'll gie you my fine velvet coat.
  12. 'You'll gie me your cloutit pock, I'll gie you my purse; it'll be no joke.'
  13. 'Perhaps there['s] nothing in it, not one bawbee;' 'Yes, there's gold and silver both,' said he.
  14. 'You'll gie me your bags of bread, And I'll gie you my milk-white steed.'
  15. When they had niffered all, he said, 'You maun learn me how I'll beg.'
  16. 'When you come before the gate, You'll ask for a drink for the highman's sake.'
  17. When that he came before the gate, He calld for a drink for the highman's sake.
  18. The bride cam tripping down the stair, To see whaten a bold beggar was there.
  19. She gave him a drink with her own hand; He loot the ring drop in the can.
  20. 'Got ye this by sea or land? Or took ye't aff a dead man's hand?'
  21. 'I got na it by sea nor land, But I got it aff your own hand.'
  22. The bridegroom cam tripping down the stair, But there was neither bride nor beggar there.
  23. Her ain bridegroom had her first wed, But Young Hyn Horn had her first to bed.