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Captain Car, or, Edom o Gordon

No: 178; variant: 178E

  1. IT fell about the Martinmas time, When the wind blew shrill and cauld, Said Captain Gordon to his men, We'll a' draw to som hauld.
  2. 'And whatena hauld shall we draw to, To be the nearest hame?' 'We will draw to the ha o bonny Cargarff; The laird is na at hame.'
  3. The lady sat on her castle-wa, Beheld both dale and down; And she beheld the fause Gordon Come halycon to the town.
  4. 'Now, Lady Cargarff, gie ower yer house, Gie ower yer house to me; Now, Lady Cargarff, gie ower yer house, Or in it you shall die.'
  5. 'I'll no gie ower my bonny house, To lord nor yet to loun; I'll no gie ower my bonny house To the traitors of Auchindown.'

  1. Then up and spak her youngest son, Sat at the nourice's knee: 'O mother dear, gie ower yer house, For the reek o't smothers me.'
  2. 'I would gie a' my goud, my child, Sae would I a' my fee, For ae blast o the westlan win, To blaw the reek frae thee.'
  3. Then up and spak her eldest heir, He spak wi muckle pride: 'Now mother dear, keep weel yer house, And I'll fight by yer side.'