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Mary Hamilton

No: 173; variant: 173[Z]

  1. 'Buss ye, bonny Marie Hamilton, Buss and gae wi me, For ye maun gae to Edinborough, A great wedding to see.'
  2. 'Ride hooly, hooly, gentlemen, Ride hooly now wi me, For never, I'm sure, a wearier bride Rode in your cumpany.'
  3. Little wist Marie Hamilton, When she rode on the brown, That she was gawn to Edinborough, And a' to be put down.
  4. When she came to the Council stairs, She ga loud laughters three; But or that she came down again She was condemmd to dee.
  5. 'O ye mariners, mariners, mariners, When ye sail oer the faem, Let never my father nor mother to wit But I'm just coming hame.
  6. 'Let never my father nor mother to wit, Nor my bauld brether[en] three, Or meckle wad be the red, red gowd This day be gien for me.
  7. 'Let never my father or mother to wit, Nor my bauld brethren three, Or meckle war the red, red blude This day wad fa for me.'