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Mary Hamilton

No: 173; variant: 173[Y]

  1. 'Yestreen the queen had four Marys, The night she'll hae but three; She had Mary Beaton, and Mary Seaton, And Mary Carmichael, and me.
  2. 'My feather was the Duke of York, My mother a gay lady, And I mysell a bonnie young may, And the king fell in love we me.
  3. 'The king's kisses they were so sweet, And his wine it was so strong, That I became a mother Before fifteen years old.'
  4. 'O tell the truth now, Mary, And sett this matter right; What hae ye made o the babey Was greeting yesternight?'
  5. 'O I will tell you, madam the queen, I winna tell a lie; I put it in a bottomless boat And bad it sail the sea.'
  6. 'Ye lie, ye lie now, Mary, Sae loud's I hear you lie! You wasnae out o the palace, So that coud never be.'
  7. 'Weel I will tell you, madam, Though it should gar me weep; I stabbd it we my little pen-knife, And bad it take a sleep.'
  8. When she came up the Netherbow, She geed loud laughters three; But when she came out o the Parliament Close The tear blinded her ee.
  9. 'O little does my feather ken The death I am to die, Or muckel wad be the red, red gould Wad be payed doun for me.
  10. 'O little does my mother think The death that I am to die, Or monie wad be the saut, saut tears That she wad shed for me.
  11. 'O never lett my brothers ken The death that I am to die, For muckel wad be the red, red blood That wad be shed for me.
  12. 'Aft hae I washd the king's bonnie face, Kaimd doun his yellow hair, And this is a' the reward he's geen me, The gallows to be my share.'