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Mary Hamilton

No: 173; variant: 173N

  1. THE streen the queen had four Maries, This nicht she'll hae but three; There's Mary Heaton, an Mary Beaton, An Mary Michel, an me, An I mysel was Mary Mild, An flower oer a' the three.
  2. Mary's middle was aye sae neat, An her clothing aye sae fine, It caused her lie in a young man's airms, An she's ruet it aye sin syne.
  3. She done her doon yon garden green, To pull the deceivin tree, For to keep back that young man's bairn, But forward it would be.
  4. 'Ye winna put on the dowie black, Nor yet will ye the broon, But ye'll put on the robes o red, To shine through Edinburgh toon.'
  5. She hasna pitten on the dowie black, Nor yet has she the broon, But she's pitten on the robes o red, To shine thro Edinburgh toon.
  6. When she came to the mariners' toon, The mariners they were playin, . . . . . . . .
  7. 'Ye needna play for me, mariners, Ye needna play for me; Ye never saw grace in a graceless face, For there's nane therein to be.
  8. 'Seven years an I made Queen Mary's bed, Seven years an I combed her hair, An a hansome reward noo she's gien to me, Gien me the gallows-tows to wear!
  9. 'Oh little did my mither think, The day she cradled me, What road I'd hae to travel in, Or what death I'd hae to dee!'