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Mary Hamilton

No: 173; variant: 173M

  1. THEN down cam Queen Marie, Wi gold links in her hair, Saying, Marie Mild, where is the child, That I heard greet sae sair?
  2. 'There was nae child wi me, madam, There was nae child wi me; It was but me in a sair cholic, When I was like to die.'
  3. 'I'm not deceived,' Queen Marie said, 'No, no, indeed not I! So Marie Mild, where is the child? For sure I heard it cry.'
  4. She turned down the blankets fine, Likewise the Holland sheet, And underneath, there strangled lay A lovely baby sweet.
  5. 'O cruel mother,' said the queen, 'Some fiend possessed thee; But I will hang thee for this deed, My Marie tho thou be!'

  1. When she cam to the Netherbow Port She laught loud laughters three; But when she cam to the gallows-foot, The saut tear blinded her ee.
  2. 'Yestreen the Queen had four Maries, The night she'll hae but three; There was Marie Seton, and Marie Beaton, And Marie Carmichael, and me.
  3. 'Ye mariners, ye mariners, That sail upon the sea, Let not my father or mother wit The death that I maun die!
  4. 'I was my parents' only hope, They neer had ane but me; They little thought when I left hame, They should nae mair me see!'