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Mary Hamilton

No: 173; variant: 173L

  1. DOUN and cam the queen hersell, Wi the goud links in her hair: 'O what did ye do wi the braw lad bairn That I heard greet sae sair?
  2. 'There was never a babe into my room, Nor ever intends to be; It was but a fit o the sair colic, That was like to gar me die.'
  3. Doun and cam the king himsell, And an angry man was he: 'If ye had saved that braw child's life, It might hae been an honour to thee.'
  4. They socht the chamer up and doun, And in below the bed, And there they fand a braw lad-bairn Lying lapperin in his blood.
  5. She rowed it up in her apron green, And threw it in the sea: 'Een sink or swim, you braw lad bairn! Ye'll neer get mair o me.'

  1. When she gaed up the Cannogate, She gied loud lauchters three; But or she cam to the Cowgate Head The tears did blind her ee.
  2. 'Come a' ye jovial sailors, That sail upon the sea, Tell neither my father nor mother The death that I'm to die!
  3. 'Come a' ye jovial sailors, That sail upon the main, See that ye tell baith my father and mother That I'm coming sailing hame!
  4. 'My father he's the Duke of York, And my mother's a gay ladie, And I mysell a pretty fair lady, And the king fell in love with me.'