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Mary Hamilton

No: 173; variant: 173K

  1. QUEEN MARY had four serving-maids, As braw as braw could be, But ane o them has fa'n wi bairn, And for it she maun die.
  2. But whan the babie it was born, A troubled woman was she; She rowed it up in a handkerchief, And flang it in the sea.
  3. Out then spoke a bonnie wee burd, And it spak sharp and keen: 'O what did ye do wi your wee babie, Ye had in your arms yestreen?'
  4. 'O I tyed it up in a napkin, And flang it in the sea; I bade it sink, I bade it soom, 'Twad get nae mair o me.'
  5. Out and spak King Henrie, And an angry man was he: 'A' for the drowning o that wee babe High hanged ye shall be.'

  1. 'I'll no put on a goun o black, Nor yet a goun o green, But I'll put on a goun o gowd, To glance in young men's een.
  2. 'O gin ye meet my father or mother, Ye may tell them frae me, 'Twas for the sake o a wee wee bairn That I came here to die.
  3. 'Yestreen four Maries made Queen Mary's bed, This nicht there'll be but three, A Mary Beaton, a Mary Seaton, A Mary Carmichael, and me.
  4. 'O what will my three brithers say, When they come hame frae see, When they see three locks o my yellow hair Hinging under a gallows-tree!'