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The Death of Queen Jane

No: 170; variant: 170[H]

  1. Queen Jane, O! Queen Jane, O! what a lady was she ! And six weeks and a day in labour was she; Queen Jane was in labour for six weeks and more, Till the women grew weary and fain would give oer.
  2. 'O women, O women, good wives as ye be, Go send for King Henry and bring him to me.' King Henry was sent for, and to her he came: 'Dear lady, fair lady, your eyes they look dim.'
  3. King Henry came to her, he came in all speed, In a gown of red velvet, from the heel to the head: 'King Henry, King Henry, if kind you will be, Send for a good doctor, and let him come to me.'
  4. The doctor was sent for, he came with all speed, In a gown of black velvet from the heel to the head; The doctor was sent for and to her he came: 'Dear lady, fair lady, your labour's in vain.'
  5. 'Dear doctor, dear doctor, will you do this for me? O open my right side, and save my baby:' Then out spake King Henry, That never can be, I'd rather lose the branches than the top of the tree.
  6. The doctor gave a caudle, the death-sleep slept she, Then her right side was opened and the babe was set free; The babe it was christened, and put out and nursd, But the royal Queen Jane lay cold in the dust.