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Sheath and Knife

No: 16; variant: 16B

  1. AE lady has whispered the other, The broom grows bonnie, the broom grows fair Lady Margaret's wi bairn to Sir Richard, her brother. And we daur na gae doun to the broom nae mair* * * * *
  2. 'And when ye hear me loud, loud cry, O bend your bow, let your arrow fly. And I daur na, etc.
  3. 'But when ye see me lying still, O then you may come and greet your fill.'

  1. 'It's I hae broken my little pen-knife That I loed dearer than my life.' And I daur na, etc.* * * * *
  2. 'It's no for the knife that my tears doun run, But it's a' for the case that my knife was kept in.'