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Gude Wallace

No: 157; variant: 157H

  1. WALLACE wight, upon a night, Came riding oer the linn, And he is to his leman's bower, And tirld at the pin.
  2. 'O sleep ye, wake ye, lady?' he said, 'Ye'll rise, lat me come in.' 'O wha's this at my bower-door, That knocks, and knows my name?' 'My name is William Wallace, Ye may my errand ken.'
  3. 'The truth to you I will rehearse, The secret I'll unfold; Into your enmies' hands this night I fairly hae you sold.'
  4. 'If that be true ye tell to me, Do ye repent it sair?' 'O that I do,' she said, 'dear Wallace, And will do evermair!
  5. 'The English did surround my house, And forced me theretill; But for your sake, my dear Wallace, I coud burn on a hill.'
  6. Then he gae her a loving kiss, The tear droppd frae his ee; Says, Fare ye well for evermair, Your face nae mair I'll see.
  7. She dressd him in her ain claithing, And frae her house he came; Which made the Englishmen admire, To see this stalwart dame.
  8. He is to Saint Johnston gane, And there he playd him well; For there he saw a well-far'd may, Was washing at a well.
  9. 'What news, wnat news, ye well-far'd may? What news hae ye to me? What news, what news, ye well-far'd may, All from your north countrie?'
  10. 'See ye not yon tavern-house, That stands on yonder plain? This very day have landet in it Full fifteen Englishmen;
  11. 'In search of Wallace, our dear champion, Ordaining that he shoud dee.' 'Then on my troth,' said Wallace wight, 'These Englishmen I'se see.'