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Gude Wallace

No: 157; variant: 157E

  1. WILLIE WALLACE the water lap, And lighted low down in a glen; There he came to a woman washing, And she had washers nine or ten.
  2. 'O weel may ye wash!' said Willie Wallace, 'O weel may ye wash!' said fair Willie, 'And gin ye have any tidings to tell, I pray ye tell them unto me.'
  3. 'I have nae tidings for to tell, And as few will I let ye ken; But down into yon hosteler-ha Lies fifteen English gentlemen.'
  4. 'O had I ae penny in my pocket, O had I yet ane bare bawbee, I would go to yon hosteler-ha, All for these Englishmen to see.
  5. 'O wil ye len me ane pennie, Or will ye len me a bare bawbee, I would go to yon hosteler-ha, All for these Englishmen to see.'
  6. She's put her hand into her pocket, And she's gaen him out guineas three, And he's away to yon ostler-ha, All for these Englishmen to see.
  7. Before he came to the hosteler-ha, He linkit his armour oer a tree; These Englishmen, being weel book-learned, They said to him, Great Dominie!
  8. Where was ye born, ye crookit carle? Where was ye born, or in what countrie? 'In merry Scotland I was born, A crookit carle altho I be.'
  9. 'Here's fifteen shillings,' one of them said, 'Here's other fifteen I'll gie to thee, If you will tell me where the traitor Willie Wallace is, Or where away thou thinks he'll be.'
  10. 'Pay down, pay down your money,' he said, 'Pay down, pay down richt speedilie, For if your answer be not good, You shall have the downfall of Robin Hood,'[said he].
  11. He struck the captain on the jaw, He swore that he would chow nae mair cheese; He's killed all the rest with his good broadsword, And left them wallowing on their knees.
  12. 'Go cover the table,' said Willie Wallace, 'Go cover the table, get me some meat, For it is three days and rather mair Since I did either drink or eat.'
  13. They had not the table weel covered, Nor yet the candle weel gaen licht, Till fifteen other Englishmen They a' down at the door did light.
  14. 'Come out, come out, Willie Wallace,' they said. 'Come out, come out, and do not flee, For we have sworn by our good broadswords That this is the nicht that you sall dee.'
  15. He's killed five with his good broadsword, He's drowned other five in the raging sea, And he's taen other five to the merry greenwood, And hanged them oer the highest tree.