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Sir Hugh, or the Jew’s Daughter

No: 155; variant: 155[S]

  1. It rained so high, it rained so low, . . . . . . . In the Jew's garden all below.
  2. Out came a Jew, All clothe:d in green, Saying, Come hither, come hither, my sweet little boy, And fetch your ball again.
  3. 'I won't come hither, I shan't come hither, Without my school-fellows all; My mother would beat me, my father would kill me, And cause my blood to pour.
  4. 'He showed me an apple as green as grass, He showed me a gay gold ring, He showed me a cherry as red as blood, And that enticed me in.
  5. 'He enticed me into the parlour, He enticed me into the kitchen, And there I saw my own dear sister, A picking of a chicken.
  6. 'He set me in a golden chair And gave me sugar sweet; He laid me on a dresser-board, And stabbed me like a sheep.
  7. 'With a Bible at my head, A Testament at my feet, A prayer-book at the side of me, And a penknife in so deep.
  8. 'If my mother should enquire for me, Tell her I'm asleep; Tell her I'm at heaven's gate, Where her and I shall meet.'