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Sir Hugh, or the Jew’s Daughter

No: 155; variant: 155M

  1. DOWN in merry, merry Scotland It rained both hard and small; Two little boys went out one day, All for to play with a ball.
  2. They tossed it up so very, very high, They tossed it down so low; They tossed it into the Jew's garden, Where the flowers all do blow.
  3. Out came one of the Jew's daughters, Dresse:d in green all: 'If you come here, my fair pretty lad, You shall have your ball.'
  4. She showed him an apple as green as grass; The next thing was a fig; The next thing a cherry as red as blood, And that would 'tice him in.
  5. She set him on a golden chair, And gave him sugar sweet; Laid him on some golden chest of drawers, Stabbed him like a sheep.
  6. 'Seven foot Bible At my head and my feet; If my mother pass by me, Pray tell her I'm asleep.'