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Sir Hugh, or the Jew’s Daughter

No: 155; variant: 155K

  1. IT hails, it rains, in Merry-Cock land, It hails, it rains, both great and small, And all the little children in Merry-Cock land They have need to play at ball.
  2. They tossd the ball so high, They tossd the ball so low, Amongst all the Jews' cattle, And amongst the Jews below.
  3. Out came one of the Jew's daughters, Dressed all in green; 'Come, my sweet Saluter, And fetch the ball again.'
  4. 'I durst not come, I must not come, Unless all my little playfellows come along; For if my mother sees me at the gate, She'll cause my blood to fall.
  5. 'She showd me an apple as green as grass, She showd me a gay gold ring; She showd me a cherry as red as blood, And so she entic'd me in
  6. 'She took me in the parlor, She took me in the kitchen, And there I saw my own dear nurse, A picking of a chicken.
  7. 'She laid me down to sleep, With a Bible at my head and a Testament at my feet; And if my playfellows come to quere for me, Tell them I am asleep.'