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Sir Hugh, or the Jew’s Daughter

No: 155; variant: 155I

Source: from the recitation of an aged lady.

  1. IT rains, it rains in merry Scotland, It rains both great and small, And all the children in merry Scotland Are playing at the ball.
  2. They toss the ball so high, so high, They toss the ball so low, They toss the ball in the Jew's garden, Where the Jews are sitting a row.
  3. Then up came one of the Jew's daughters, Cloathed all in green: 'Come hither, come hither, my pretty Sir Hugh, And fetch thy ball again.'
  4. 'I durst not come, I durst not go, Without my play-fellowes all; For if my mother should chance to know, She'd cause my blood to fall.'

  1. She laid him upon the dresser-board, And stuck him like a sheep; She laid the Bible at his head, The Testament at his feet, The Catechise-Book in his own heart's blood, With a penknife stuck so deep.