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Sir Hugh, or the Jew’s Daughter

No: 155; variant: 155G

  1. IT rains, it rains in old Scotland, And down the rain does fa, And all the boys in our town Are out a playing at ba.
  2. 'You toss your balls too high, my boys, You toss your balls too low; You'll toss them into the Jew's garden, Wherein you darst not go.'
  3. Then out came one of the Jew's daughters, All dressed in red and green: 'Come in, come in, my pretty little boy, And get your ball again.'
  4. 'I winna come in, and I canna come in, Without my playmates all, And without the will of my mother dear, Which would cause my heart's blood to fall.'
  5. She shewed him an apple as green as grass, She shewed him a gay gold ring, She shewed him a cherry as red as blood, Which enticed the little boy in.
  6. She took him by the lily-white hand, And led him into the hall, And laid him on a dresser-board, And that was the worst of all.
  7. She laid the Bible at his head, The Prayer-Book at his feet, And with a penknife small She stuck him like a sheep.
  8. Six pretty maids took him by the head, And six took him by the feet, And threw him into a deep draw-well, That was eighteen fathoms deep.

  1. 'The lead is wondrous heavy, mother, The well is wondrous deep, A keen pen-knife sticks in my heart, And nae word more can I speak.'