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Sir Hugh, or the Jew’s Daughter

No: 155; variant: 155B

  1. THE rain rins doun through Mirry-land toune, Sae dois it doune the Pa; Sae dois the lads of Mirry-land toune, Whan they play at the ba.
  2. Than out and cam the Jewis dochter, Says, Will ye cum in and dine? 'I winnae cum in, I cannae cum in, Without my play-feres nine.'
  3. Scho powd an apple reid and white, To intice the young thing in: Scho powd an apple white and reid, And that the sweit bairne did win.
  4. And scho has taine out a little pen-knife, And low down by her gair; Scho has twin'd the yong thing and his life, A word he nevir spak mair.
  5. And out and cam the thick, thick bluid, And out and cam the thin, And out and cam the bonny herts bluid; Thair was nae life left in.
  6. Scho laid him on a dressing-borde, And drest him like a swine, And laughing said, Gae nou and pley With your sweit play-feres nine.
  7. Scho rowd him in a cake of lead, Bade him lie stil and sleip; Scho cast him in a deip draw-well, Was fifty fadom deip.
  8. Whan bells wer rung, and mass was sung, And every lady went hame, Than ilka lady had her yong sonne, Bot Lady Helen had nane.
  9. Scho rowd hir mantil hir about, And sair, sair gan she weip, And she ran into the Jewis castel, Whan they wer all asleip.
  10. 'My bonny Sir Hew, my pretty Sir Hew, I pray thee to me speik:' 'O lady, rinn to the deip draw-well, Gin ye your sonne wad seik.'
  11. Lady Helen ran to the deip draw-well, And knelt upon her kne: 'My bonny Sir Hew, an ye be here, I pray thee speik to me.'
  12. 'The lead is wondrous heavy, mither, The well is wondrous deip; A keen pen-knife sticks in my hert, A word I dounae speik.
  13. 'Gae hame, gae hame, my mither deir, Fetch me my windling sheet, And at the back o Mirry-land toun, It's thair we twa sall meet.'