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Robin Hood and the Scotchman

No: 130; variant: 130A

  1. THEN bold Robin Hood to the north he would go, With a hey down down a down down With valour and mickle might, With sword by his side, which oft had been tri'd, To fight and recover his right.
  2. The first that he met was a bony bold Scot, His servant he said he would be; 'No,' quoth Robin Hood, 'it cannot be good, For thou wilt prove false unto me.
  3. 'Thou hast not bin true to sire nor cuz:' 'Nay, marry,' the Scot he said, 'As true as your heart, I'le never part, Gude master, be not afraid.'

  1. Then Robin Hood turnd his face to the east; 'Fight on my merry men stout, Our cause is good,' quoth brave Robin Hood, 'And we shall not be beaten out.'
  2. The battel grows hot on every side, The Scotchman made great moan; Quoth Jockey, Gude faith, they fight on each side; Would I were with my wife Ione!
  3. The enemy compast brave Robin about, 'Tis long ere the battel ends; Ther's neither will yeeld nor give up the field, For both are supplied with friends.

  1. This song it was made in Robin Hoods dayes; Let's pray unto Iove above To give us true peace, that mischief may cease, And war may give place unto love.