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Lord Rendal

No: 12; variant: 12O

  1. 'O WHERE hae ye been a' the day, my wee wee croodlin doo doo? O where hae ye been a' the day, my bonnie wee croodlin doo?' 'O I hae been to my step-mammie's; mak my bed, mammy, noo, noo, Mak my bed, mammy, noo!'
  2. 'O what did yere step-mammie gie to you?' etc. 'She gied to me a wee wee fish,' etc.
  3. '[O] what did she boil the wee fishie in?' 'O she boiled it in a wee wee pan; it turned baith black an blue, blue, It turned baith black an blue.'
  4. 'An what did she gie the banes o't to?' 'O she gied them to a wee wee dog;' mak, etc.
  5. 'An what did the wee wee doggie do then?' 'O it put out its tongue and its feet, an it deed; an sae maun I do, noo, noo, An sae maun I do noo!'