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Lord Rendal

No: 12; variant: 12M

  1. 'WHERE hae ye been a' the day, my bonny wee croodin doo?' 'O I hae been at my stepmother's house; make my bed, mammie, now, now, now, Make my bed, mammie, now!'
  2. 'Where did ye get your dinner?' my, etc. 'I got it at my stepmother's;' make, etc.
  3. 'What did she gie ye to your dinner?' 'She gae me a little four-footed fish.'
  4. 'Where got she the four-footed fish?' 'She got it down in yon well strand;' O make, etc.
  5. 'What did she do with the banes o't?' 'She gae them to the little dog.'
  6. 'O what became o the little dog?' 'O it shot out its feet and died;' O make, etc.