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The Jolly Pindar of Wakefield

No: 124; variant: 124B

  1. 'BUT hold y . . hold y . . . ' says Robin, 'My merrymen, I bid yee, For this [is] one of the best pindars That euer I saw with mine eye.
  2. 'But hast thou any meat, thou iolly pindar, For my merrymen and me?' . . . . . . . .
  3. 'But I haue bread and cheese,' sayes the pindar, 'And ale all on the best:' 'That's cheere good enoughe,' said Robin, 'For any such vnbidden guest.
  4. 'But wilt be my man?' said good Robin, 'And come and dwell with me? And twise in a yeere thy clothing [shall] be changed If my man thou wilt bee, The tone shall be of light Lincolne greene, The tother of Picklory.'
  5. 'Att Michallmas comes a well good time, When men haue gotten in their ffee; I'le sett as litle by my master As he now setts by me, I'le take my benbowe in my hande, And come into the grenwoode to thee.'