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Johnie Cock

No: 114; variant: 114J

  1. HIS coat was o the scarlet red, His vest was o the same; His stockings were o the worset lace, And buckles tied to the same.
  2. Out then spoke one, out then spoke two, Out then spoke two or three; Out spoke the master forester, 'It's Johnie o Braidislee.
  3. 'If this be true, thou silly auld man, Which you tell unto me, Five hundred pounds of yearly rent It shall not pay your fee.'

  1. 'O wae be to you seven foresters! I wonder ye dinna think shame, You being seven sturdy men, And I but a man my lane.
  2. 'Now fail me not, my ten fingers, That are both long and small! Now fail me not, my noble heart! For in thee I trust for all.
  3. 'Now fail me not, my good bend bow, That was in London coft! Now fail me not, my golden string, Which my true lover wrocht!'

  1. He has tossed him up, he has tossed him doun, He has broken his collar-bone; He has tied him to his bridle reins, Bade him carry the tidings home.