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Johnie Cock

No: 114; variant: 114I

  1. JOHNIE rose up in a May morning, Called for water to wash his hands, hands And he is awa to Braidisbanks, To ding the dun deer down. down To ding the dun deer down
  2. Johnie lookit east, and Johnie lookit west, And it's lang before the sun, And there he did spy the dun deer lie, Beneath a bush of brume.
  3. Johnie shot, and the dun deer lap, And he's woundit her in the side; Out then spake his sister's son, 'And the neist will lay her pride.'

  1. They've eaten sae meikle o the gude venison, And they've drunken sae muckle o the blude, That they've fallen into as sound a sleep As gif that they were dead.

  1. 'It's doun, and it's doun, and it's doun, doun, And it's doun amang the scrogs, And there ye'll espy twa bonnie boys lie, Asleep amang their dogs.'

  1. They waukened Johnie out o his sleep, And he's drawn to him his coat: 'My fingers five, save me alive, And a stout heart fail me not!'