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Blow Away the Morning Dew

No: 112; variant: 112D

  1. THERE was a shepherd's son Kept sheep upon a hill; He laid his pipe and crook aside, And there he slept his fill. Sing, Fal deral, etc.
  2. He looked east, he looked west, Then gave an under-look, And there he spyed a lady fair, Swimming in a brook.
  3. He raisd his head frae his green bed, And then approachd the maid; 'Put on your claiths, my dear,' he says, 'And be ye not afraid.
  4. ''tis fitter for a lady fair To sew her silken seam Than to get up in a May morning And strive against the stream.'
  5. 'If you'll not touch my mantle, And let my claiths alane, Then I'll give you as much money As you can carry hame.'
  6. 'O I'll not touch your mantle, And I'll let your claiths alane; But I'll tak you out of the clear water, My dear, to be my ain.'
  7. And when she out of the water came, He took her in his arms: 'Put on your claiths, my dear,' he says, 'And hide those lovely charms.'
  8. He mounted her on a milk-white steed, Himself upon anither, And all along the way they rode, Like sister and like brither.
  9. When she came to her father's yate She tirled at the pin, And ready stood the porter there, To let this fair maid in.
  10. And when the gate was opened, So nimbly's she whipt in; 'Pough! you're a fool without,' she says, 'And I'm a maid within.
  11. 'Then fare ye well, my modest boy, I thank you for your care; But had you done what you should do, I neer had left you there.'
  12. 'Oh I'll cast aff my hose and shoon, And let my feet gae bare, And gin I meet a bonny lass, Hang me if her I spare.'
  13. 'In that do as you please,' she says, 'But you shall never more Have the same opportunity;' With that she shut the door.
  14. There is a gude auld proverb, I've opten heard it told, He that would not when he might, He should not when he would.