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Blow Away the Morning Dew

No: 112; variant: 112B

  1. THERE was a knight, and he was young, A riding along the way, sir, And there he met a lady fair, Among the cocks of hay, sir.
  2. Quoth he, Shall you and I, lady, Among the grass lye down a? And I will have a special care Of rumpling of your gown a.
  3. 'If you will go along with me Unto my father's hall, sir, You shall enjoy my maidenhead, And my estate and all, sir.'
  4. So he mounted her on a milk-white steed, Himself upon another, And then they rid upon the road, Like sister and like brother.
  5. And when she came to her father's house, Which was moated round about, sir, She stepped streight within the gate, And shut this young knight out, sir.
  6. 'Here is a purse of gold,' she said, 'Take if for your pains, sir; And I will send my father's man To go home with you again, sir.
  7. 'And if you meet a lady fair, As you go thro the next town, sir, You must not fear the dew of the grass, Nor the rumpling of her gown, sir.
  8. 'And if you meet a lady gay, As you go by the hill, sir, If you will not when you may, You shall not when you will, sir.'