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The Knight and the Shepherd’s Daughter

No: 110; variant: 110I

  1. THERE was a shepherd's daughter, Kept flocks on yonder hill, And by there cam a courteous knight, Wud fain and hae his will.

  1. 'Some do ca me Jock,' he said, 'And some do ca me John, But when I do ride i the king's high court, Gulelmus is my name.'

  1. And when she came to the kinges court She tirled at the pin, And wha was there but the king himsel, To lat this fair maid in!
  2. 'Now Christ you save, my lord,' she said, 'Now Christ you save and see; There is a knicht into your court This day has robbed me.
  3. 'He's na robbed me o my silken purse, Nor o my white money, But he's robbed me o my maidenheid, The flower o my bodie.'
  4. 'O gin he be a single man, Weel married sall ye be, But an he be a married man, He's hang upon a tree.'
  5. Then he called up his merry men a', By one, by two, and by three, And William should a been the first, But the hindmost man was he.
  6. And he cam hirplin on a stick, And blin upon an ee, But sighand said that gay ladie, That same man robbed me.

  1. 'Gin I had drunk the wan water, When I did drink the wine, A cairdman's daughter Should never be a true-love o mine.'
  2. 'Maybe I'm a cairdman's daughter, And maybe I am nane; But when ye did come to good green wood, Ye sud hae latten me alane.'
  3. She set upon a milk-white steed, An himsel on a dapple grey, An she had as much lan in fair Scotlan 'S ye cud ride in a lang simmer's day.