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The Twa Sisters

No: 10; variant: 10[W]

  1. Ther were three ladies playing at the ba, Norham, down by Norham And there cam a knight to view them a'. By the bonnie mill-dams o Norham
  2. He courted the aldest wi diamonds and rings, But he loved the youngest abune a' things.

  1. 'Oh sister, oh sister, lend me your hand, And pull my poor body unto dry land.
  2. 'Oh sister, oh sister, lend me your glove, And you shall have my own true love!'
  3. Oot cam the miller's daughter upon Tweed, To carry in water to bake her bread.
  4. 'Oh father, oh father, there's a fish in your dam; It either is a lady or a milk-white swan.'
  5. Oot cam the miller's man upon Tweed, And there he spied a lady lying dead.
  6. He could not catch her by the waist, For her silken stays they were tight laced.
  7. But he did catch her by the hand, And pulled her poor body unto dry land.
  8. He took three taets o her bonnie yellow hair, To make harp strings they were so rare.
  9. The very first tune that the bonnie harp played Was The aldest has cuisten the youngest away.