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The Twa Sisters

No: 10; variant: 10Q

  1. THERE dwelt twa sisters in a bower, Oh and ohone, and ohone and aree! And the youngest she was the fairest flower. On the banks of the Banna, ohone and aree!
  2. There cam a knight to court the twa, But on the youngest his love did fa.
  3. He courted the eldest with ring and wi glove, But he gave the youngest all his love.
  4. He courted the eldest with brooch and wi knife, But he loved the youngest as his life.
  5. 'O sister, O sister, will ye come to the stream, To see our father's ships come in?'
  6. The youngest stood upon a stane, Her sister came and pusht her in.
  7. 'O sister, O sister, come reach me your hand, And ye shall hae all our father's land.
  8. 'O sister, O sister, come reach me your glove, And you shall hae William to be your true love.'
  9. 'I did not put you in with the design Just for to pull you out again.'
  10. Some time she sank, some time she swam, Until she came to a miller's dam.
  11. The miller's daughter dwelt on the Tweed, She went for water to bake her bread.
  12. 'O faither, faither, come drag me your dam, For there's aither a lady in't, or a milk-white swan.'
  13. The miller went, and he dragd his dam, And he brought her fair body to lan.
  14. They couldna see her waist sae sma For the goud and silk about it a'.
  15. They couldna see her yallow hair For the pearls and jewels that were there.
  16. Then up and spak her ghaist sae green, 'Do ye no ken the king's dochter Jean?
  17. 'Tak my respects to my father the king, And likewise to my mother the queen.
  18. 'Tak my respects to my true love William, Tell him I deid for the love of him.
  19. 'Carry him a lock of my yallow hair, To bind his heart for evermair.'