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The Twa Sisters

No: 10; variant: 10I

  1. THERE war twa sisters lived in a bouer, Binnorie and Binnorie There cam a squire to court them baith. At the bonnie mill-streams o Binnorie
  2. He courted the eldest with Jewels and rings, But he lovd the youngest the best of all things.
  3. He courted the eldest with a penknife, He lovd the youngest as dear as his life.
  4. It fell ance upon a day That these twa sisters hae gane astray.
  5. It was for to meet their father's ships that had come in. . . . . .
  6. As they walked up the linn, The eldest dang the youngest in.
  7. 'O sister, sister, tak my hand, And ye'll hae Lud John and aw his land.'
  8. With a silver wand she pushd her in, . . . . .
  9. 'O sister, sister, tak my glove, And ye sall hae my ain true love.'
  10. The miller's dochter cam out wi speed. It was for a water to bake her bread.
  11. 'O father, father, gae slack your dam; There's either a white fish or a swan.'

  1. Bye cam a blind fiddler that way, And he took three tets o her bonnie yellow hair.
  2. And the first spring that he playd, It said, 'It was my sister threw me in.'