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The Twa Sisters

No: 10; variant: 10E

  1. THERE livd twa sisters in a bower, Hey Edinbruch, how Edinbruch! There lived twa sisters in a bower, Stirling for aye! The youngest o them O she was a flower! Bonny Sanct Johnstoune that stands upon Tay!
  2. There cam a squire frae the west, He loed them baith, but the youngest best.
  3. He gied the eldest a gay gold ring, But he loed the youngest aboon a' thing.
  4. 'O sister, sister, will ye go to the sea? Our father's ships sail bonnilie.'
  5. The youngest sat down upon a stane; The eldest shot the youngest in.
  6. 'O sister, sister, lend me your hand, And you shall hae my gouden fan.
  7. 'O sister, sister, save my life, And ye shall be the squire's wife.'
  8. First she sank, and then she swam, Untill she cam to Tweed mill-dam.
  9. The millar's daughter was baking bread, She went for water, as she had need.
  10. 'O father, father, in our mill-dam There's either a lady, or a milk-white swan.'
  11. They could nae see her fingers small, Wi diamond rings they were coverd all.
  12. They could nae see her yellow hair, Sae mony knots and platts were there.
  13. They could nae see her lilly feet, Her gowden fringes war sae deep.
  14. Bye there cam a fiddler fair, And he's taen three taits o her yellow hair.