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Johnie Scott

No: 99; variant: 99[T]

  1. Johnny's gane up to fair England Three quarters of a year, And Johny's gane up to fair England, The king's broad banner to bear.
  2. He had not been in fair England, Even but a little while, When that the king's ae dochter To Johnny gaes wi child.
  3. And word is gane to the kitchen, And word's gane to the ha, And word's gane to the high, high court, Amang the nobles a'.
  4. And word is gane unto the king, In the chair where he sat, That his ae dochter's wi bairn To John the little Scott.
  5. 'If that I thought she is wi bairn, As I true weel she be, I'll put her up in high prison, And hunger her till she die.'
  6. 'There is a silken sark, Johnny, My ain sell sewed the gare, And if ye come to tak me hence Ye need nae taken mare.
  7. 'For I am up in high prison, And O but it is cold! My garters are o the cold, cold iron, In place o the beaten gold.'
  8. 'Is this the Duke o York?' they said, 'Or James the Scottish king? Or is it John the little Scott, Frae Scotland new come hame?'
  9. 'I have an Italian in my bower, This day he has eaten three; Before I either eat or sleep The fourth man ye shall be.'
  10. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Between his een there was two spans, His shoulders ells were three.
  11. Johnny drew forth his good braid glaive And slate it on the plain: 'Is there any more of your Italian dogs That wanteth to be slain?'
  12. 'A clerk, a clerk!' her father cry'd 'To register this deed;' 'A priest, a priest!' her mother cry'd, 'To marry them wi speed.'